From PROCESS Coach to COACHED Process

Intuitive Processes by Continued Coaching & Incremental Innovation!


Years and centuries rolled on, and everything except the one thing that never wavered is CHANGE. It has been a constant factor from the beginning.

To keep ourselves relevant, upskilling and re-correcting our path forward has been our virtue.

Inspired by Phoenix, the immortal bird that takes birth from its ashes, rebranding oneself is the new trend. “Change” also fell to the temptation of rebranding. The new constant introduced in our life is “Innovation”.

As easy as it may look, innovation requires focused planning, timely guidance, and motivation. It takes extra effort to remain focused, guided, and self-motivated. It felt logical to bring an equally effective player to share the stage and make Innovation our virtue.

Profession Coaching empowers individuals to be innovative and realise their potential. Why can’t we Coach the Processes followed at our workplace to innovate and self-strengthen?


A group of freelancers working together on a project agreed to be my specimens for the experiment. We created a strategic plan that spanned three months. We conducted several coaching sessions, with individuals and as a group. As a result, we implemented intuitive and innovative processes in place.

Overall benefits are listed below:

  • On-time project delivery and within budget.
  • A Quality Project delivered is enough to brag about its achievements.
  • Helps individuals gain a fresh perspective on their lives and goals.
  • Helps individuals realise their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Helps teams become more cohesive and efficient.
  • Helps them understand the importance of collaboration.

Consider Contacting us to experience the benefits of the Coached Process Concept. We will help you take you through the journey.

Wish to know me, the self-acclaimed Progressivist ;)